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Property valuation handles property’s price finding process

Property Valuation Melbourne Newly revealed tapes show that just weeks before the Erpenbeck Co. bank fraud investigation erupted into a public scandal in spring 2002, top executives at Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky hatched. A last-ditch effort to quietly cover numerous Bill Erpenbeck overdrafts without raising the suspicions of the bank’s board of directors. Property […]

Property valuation process is used to find current price of property

Neither Erpenbeck nor his attorney, Glenn Whitaker, could be Mortgage Security Valuations reached for comment. FBI spokesman James Turgal Jr. said the agency has a copy of the tape. But he declined to say if the tape was made at the behest of the FBI. “We’re never going to answer that question,” he said. Property […]

Property valuation is helpful for calculating house price

A key to Voelker’s claim is the tape, a 19-page transcript of which is filed with the lawsuit. On it, Finnan and Erpenbeck discuss what will happen when the scandal hits the newspapers. Finnan says Mortgage Security Valuations he will be the bank’s spokesman, and it is working with a public relations firm. Property valuation […]